was organized in 1997 to design, engineer, manufacture and market intelligent machines for defense, space and industrial applications. The company’s principal focus today is on large-scale robotics, a field that offers significant technical and business opportunities. 

Agile Systems’ in-house technical staff specializes in: 

  • Operations analysis and system planning. 

  • Developing concepts and specifications for computer-controlled machines.

  • Detailed design and engineering of robotic devices and other high-bandwidth servomechanisms.

  • CAD/CAM/CAE.  

  • Solid modeling, simulation and animation for analytical and visualization purposes.

Agile Systems’ core design engineering capabilities are complemented and extended through long-term relationships with two key corporate partners and one governmental partner:

  • Robotics Research Corporation, a sister firm with expertise in real-time, sensor-driven control systems.

  • General Tool Company, providing world-class production resources for the machines Agile Systems designs.

  • Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division in Philadelphia (NSWCCD-SSES)

Since 1998, Agile Systems has conducted a series of R&D programs for the U.S. Navy aimed at streamlining the naval logistics process to facilitate implementation of the new warfighting doctrines outlined in Sea Power 21 and Operational Maneuver From The Sea. Existing, manpower-intensive operational concepts and outdated shipboard material handling equipment will be replaced with highly-efficient, carefully synchronized large-scale automation systems. 

Customers include the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division in Philadelphia (NSWCCD-SSES), Program Executive Office-Aircraft Carriers, the Office of Naval Research, Program Executive Office-Ships, and the CVN 21 and T-AOE(X) programs. 

Current projects include the NAVSTORS Naval Stowage and Retrieval System for containerized and palletized weapons and stores, a smaller version, called NAVPAK, designed to handle individual cartons of provisions and spare parts aboard surface combatants, and an automated system to assist in the assembly of air-launched weapons, or NAVWARS

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