Shipboard Package Handling System



Arleigh Burke DDG 51-class destroyers and Ticonderoga CG 47-class cruisers, among other naval vessels, do not have the capability to strikedown and stow complete pallets of goods. Instead, during underway replenishment, individual cartons of provisions, small spare parts and other consumable supplies must be moved to storerooms below-decks and stowed away by a large work party.

Above: Drawer Rack on Payload Carrier
Below:  Three sizes of Drawer Units


In a program funded by PEO-Ships, Agile Systems is building a variation of the NAVSTORS automated stowage and retrieval system designed specifically to accommodate these small packages. Like NAVSTORS for weapons, the new system significantly reduces crew workload, achieves high stowage density in storerooms and lockers, provides selective offload of any given package, and incorporates computerized inventory management.

Left:  Full-Scale, Four-Cell NAVPAK Prototype is being built.  A Robotic arm transfers package-sized items from the Vertical Package Conveyor to the Drawer Racks which are mounted on Payload Carriers as in a NAVSTORS system.


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