NSWCCD-SSES is the Navy's principal Test and Evaluation Station and In-Service Engineering Agent for all hull, mechanical and electrical (HM&E) ship systems and equipments. SSES has the capability to test and engineer the full range of shipboard systems and equipment from full-scale propulsion systems to digital controls and electric power systems.  Below are pictures from tests conducted by  NAVSSES and Agile Systems of the Standard Payload Interface on the Ship Motion Simulator located at NAVSSES in Philadelphia, PA. 

The function of the Machinery Research and Engineering Department at the Ship Systems Engineering Station covers the full life cycle of machinery and includes:

  1. To perform and technically manage Science and Technology and Research and Development of naval shipboard machinery and electrical systems and components. This includes, but is not limited to: stealth, electric drive and integrated power systems, alternate energy systems, and system level automation technologies and concepts.
  2. To provide systems engineering and technical management of ship systems, equipment and material. This engineering and technical management includes life cycle management of ship hull, mechanical and electrical equipment, as well as test and evaluation and in-service engineering support for those systems. Application of the resources and technical capabilities of the Directorate results in reduced time for the introduction of new machinery technology development, increased machinery performance at lower life cycle costs to the acquisition managers and increased reliability/availability to the Fleet operators. The Directorate applies developed technologies to meet naval requirements to sustain the Nationís maritime knowledge base, provide quick and efficient response to the Fleet, and maintain the Nationís naval superiority. This mission is achieved by highly skilled scientists and engineers, partnering with industry, academia, and other government activities.


Keeping Americaís Navy #1 in the world by providing engineering, technology, and innovation to make our ships and machinery systems operationally superior and affordable throughout their life cycle ... for today, for tomorrow, for the Navy after.


Corporate NAVSEAís engineering, technology, and innovation leader for ship and machinery systems, throughout their life cycle.

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