J-MODCON   Joint Modular Container

J-MODCON: Agile Systems Inc. has developed a concept for a modular 20-foot ISO container, similar to the Joint Modular Intermodal Container (JMIC), that is composed of smaller sealed shipping units—a critical enabling technology for sea-basing. Unlike the current JMIC design, ASI’s J-MODCON is configured such that all modules are locked securely together to assemble the 20-foot TEU for transit using NAVSTORS Standard Payload Interface fixtures integral to the small shipping units. This feature also allows the modules to be handled by robots and forklifts outfitted with top-lift tooling, and to be automatically locked in place for shipboard stowage. J-MODCON also provides improved flexibility by accommodating Navy’ legacy palletized and containerized cargo and weapons equipped with SPIs.

J-MODCON Shipping Module (Collapsible) with built-in SPI & Locks

J-MODCON with Ordnance Pallets & Containers


J-MODCON Modular TEU shown next to
standard 20-foot ISO Container

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