Underway Replenishment is re-supplying ships at sea.   It consists of two different operations, CONREP or Connected Replenishment, and VERTREP or Vertical Replenishment.  It is one of the more dangerous and time-consuming non-combat operations aboard a ship.

Pictures from various Navy-related websites.







Above: Schematic of CONREP Operations

Right: Fuels being delivered via CONREP

Above: An Aircraft Carrier and a Destroyer being simultaneously replenished

Above Right : AOE delivering fuel and supplies via CONREP

Above:  Sailors steadying an UNREP load.

Left:  VERTREP Copter being attached to a netted pallet of supplies.  Items to be transported are pre-staged to speed the operation. 


VERTREP is used for lighter loads and is in operation simultaneously with CONREP.  

Right:  Bomb Pallets on an aircraft carrier hangar deck during UNREP. Forklifts move pallets away from the conrep tower and nest them on the deck.  Pallets cannot be moved to stowage fast enough to prevent build up, a problem that could be remedied by a NAVSTORS System-of-Systems.

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