Naval Stowage & Retrieval System

In an ongoing program funded by PEO-Aircraft Carriers and ONR, Agile Systems and its teammates have developed an automated material handling system for use in aircraft carrier magazines that:

  • Accommodates a mix of palletized and containerized loads of many sizes and shapes, from 50 inch ammo pallets to VLS missile units over 23-feet long.

  • Achieves very high stowage density, with net increases of over 20% in many current aircraft carrier magazines. 

  • Provides high-speed selective access to any individual pallet or container, as well as computerized inventory management.

  • Has applications aboard CVN 68 and CVN 21-class aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships, CLF supply ships, and future MPF(F) prepositioning vessels.

NAVSTORS equipped magazine.empty

NAVSTORS employs a unique “moving floor” mechanism, based on a slide puzzle geometry, to achieve these results. Computer-controlled platforms called Payload Carriers, driven by motors, move stacks of pallets and containers weighing as much as 18,000 lbs within the stowage matrix.

The single-axis Robot transfers payloads between Omnidirectional Guided Vehicles and Payload Carriers.

Loaded-With-NAVSTORS.gif (189904 bytes)
Views of a typical magazine with NAVSTORS installed:  Left: Empty. Right: loaded out with bombs and cluster bombs. 

Below Lower left: Supply ship hold with NAVSTORS installed to handle supplies other than weapons, perspective within hold.

Unit loads are automatically secured for sea by Standard Payload Interfaces (SPIs). Payload Carriers deliver requested loads to a robotic load/unload station where they are transferred by the high - capacity Robotic Stacker to Omnidirectional Guided Vehicles (OGVs) which convey the loads to other magazines, UNREP stations, weapons assembly areas, or the flight deck.

    t-ake-perspective1.gif (144669 bytes)

With the addition of a Top Lift Fixture (TLF) and a CONREP trap, the NAVSTORS concept has been expanded to become a System-of-Systems capable of handling weapons and stores from shore to ultimate destination

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