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Standard Payload Interface


The NAVSTORS Standard Payload Interface is a lightweight mechanical fixture designed to be attached to all of the Navy’s legacy payloads and built into future packaging. It serves two functions—(a) providing a common, “robot-friendly” grasping interface for payloads of all types and sizes, including pallets, containers and ready service weapons on MHU-191 skids, and (b) providing an integral means to lock payloads together automatically to form stacks, as well as to lock payloads to transporters employed inside and outside the magazines, with sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand all dynamic loads induced by ship motion up to sea state 8.  The Standard Payload Interface utilizes a top-lift mechanism that is compatible with robotic manipulators, forklift trucks, CONREP trolleys and cranes outfitted with the proper tooling. 

  Above: Standard Payload Interface configured for legacy Palletized Load (USMC Ammunition Pallet)

NAVSTORS Standard Payload Interface fixture configured for Legacy MK 724 Mod 1 SLAM Missile Container  

 Above: Standard Payload Interface configured for 
Legacy MK 79 Bomb Pallet (2,000-lb MK 84 Bomb Bodies)

Left: Standard Payload Interface configured
r MHU-191/M Ready Weapons Skid


  NAVSTORS Standard Payload Interface prototypes were successfully tested at NAVSEA Philadelphia on a Ship Motion Simulator (SMS) in sea conditions up to sea state 7. At sea State 7,  a 100,000-ton aircraft carrier rolls as much as 20 degrees on a 21-second cycle.  These tests demonstrated the functionality of the SPIs—i.e., their ability to retain the heaviest and largest Navy legacy weapons loads securely under the extreme dynamic loads caused by severe sea conditions.  Enlarge the thumbnails below to see larger pictures of the tests.

2000 Lb Bombs bombs on testbed.jpg (25638 bytes)
Ammo Pallets ammo pallets.spi test.jpg (32825 bytes)
Missiles in Containers container test.gif (447153 bytes)
Ready Service Missiles P1010056.JPG (580256 bytes)
Ready Service JDAMs ready service test.jpg (34520 bytes)


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